Ha vuelto. Y pedazo disco se ha marcado. Parece que es el primer álbum que ha grabado sin banda y por lo que hemos podido escuchar, sinceramente, se las apaña estupendamente. Todo el disco me parece sensacional, un discarral de tomo y lomo repleto de excelentes canciones, rock and roll y mucho boogie socarrón. No sobra nada. Probablemente, uno de los discos del 2017 y sin exagerar. Y eso que sólo estamos en febrero. Esperamos tenerlo de nuevo pronto por aquí. ¡Bailad malditos!


Hey y’all, db here.

Time for too much info –

This thing started out when Homemade Sin was writing and recording Get Loud. I got a recording rig and put it in the basement of the house, as some of you know. Got to writing for that record and just writing for the love of it. By the time we’d picked the songs for Get Loud I had some good songs leftover. And just kept writing.
It’s been years since I was someone’s “guitar solo” player and I really liked the challenge back then and a few years since a Bluefields record, so I had the “gee, I like playing bass too!” thing hit as well.

Well why not make your own record then hoss? You got a mess o songs, guitars, bass, amps and a voice. Ok, I will.
Drums, uh nope, not for me, Call Brad Pemberton. “Sure man”

Did one background vocal with myself. Did not like the sound. Not a little bit. Call Joe Blanton. “Sure, and ya oughtta lemme mix it too.” Ok. “We can record Brad at the Treehouse”. Great.

My engineering skills are decidedly in the “learning” category, so Joe did a bunch of “Dan, we gotta recut that guitar, it’s just too nasty to use”. Mostly on rhythm tracks. The solos I had unfortunately fallen in love with and didn’t want to touch them. Are there some, shall we say, dodgy bits on them. And yes, they have a bit of an over done edge on some of them, but I liked them that way.

So, most of the vocals and guitars were cut at my place, the drums and most of the bass at Joe’s.

Some songs are new, some are older songs that just didn’t sound right with HMS.

Now, in all honesty, I was wanting a record that dealt with me aging, the passage of time and loss. In other words, all the shit that happens when you “forget to die young”. A few of the tunes seem to escape this corral but if you squint just right, they make it in under the wire. It’s not quite a concept record, but it does get close. I hope it’s not a trend.

Dan Baird,




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